Our Story

Hamilton Cornerstore was created to be your one stop shop for all things southern cooking and kitchen essentials.

Centered around deep southern roots and timeless meals that celebrate family and nostalgia. Indulge in our product offerings, expertly curated to showcase the essence of the south and create memorable dining experiences filled with warmth and tradition.

The Founders

Chef April Robinson & Grammy Award Winner Anthony Hamilton

Anthony Hamilton

He may be known for his singing abilities, but those close to him know that he can also throw down in a kitchen.

Growing up in Charlotte, N.C., Anthony Hamilton learned cooking from his family – mostly mothers and grandmothers. And like most southern families, the men in his family are also talented in the kitchen. 

When he’s not on the road performing or busy in the studio, you can find Anthony at home with his children cooking. His favorite meals, shrimp or fish ‘n’ grits bring back fond memories of Saturday mornings full of cartoons and waking to the smell of buttered grits (we’re #TeamButter&Salt over here but you’re welcome to do what you please with yours)! He believes that grits are for the soul and we do too!

Chef April Robinson

Chef April Robinson

Some 200 miles away on any given Saturday (or Sunday for that matter) morning at a similar table, Chef April Robinson would also probably be eating a bowl of grits lovingly prepared by her “Gramommy’. 

And for her also, family was the biggest influence in becoming a chef. Between cooking and helping out around the house to having a restaurateur father, April was destined to make her own mark in the culinary world. Needing no introduction in the Lowcountry food scene, Chef April Robinson has been featured countless times in local magazines and newspapers and was a standout at the NYC Food & Wine Festival. Having done it all culinary, from being a private chef to athletes and owning both a bakery and tapas restaurant, she is excited to launch Hamilton Cornerstore.  Chef April hopes to combine her love of good southern food by elevating your every day essentials.

Hamilton Cornerstore offers everyday kitchen and pantry staples including seasonings and spices, hot sauces & marinades, breading & cornbread mixes, utensils and more! 

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